Jonny Q Jeans

Pasquale Orza is the founder of JQ Jeans - He grew up in the Glam rock era in Hertfordshire, England. He started to absorb the creativity and the cultural ferment of this period and took on a lot of the glam influence in his inspiration and image, whilst starting the company in London's Kings Road, Chelsea together with his partner Peter Golding. Pasquale's designs, materials and treatments have become a success in their own right. In 1979, following the success of the lycra corset jeans, Pasquale Orza launched the first stretch denim jeans in the world developed with Kaihara denim.  JQ Jeans was born as a rock inspired line in the years that ZZTop and Bruce Springsteen were topping the charts as American Rock was laying the rules again , with all the Glam rock era behind it was time for the feminine fits to be brought out in heavily destroyed and aged stretch denim and worker baggies. What's unique of the brand? The brand has developed its unique “Cosmetic Jeans” with its Nip & Tuck effect to sculpt the female form. Don't miss out!